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Or l’absence d’une chose, ce n’est pas que cela, ce n’est pas un simple manque partiel, c’est le bouleversement de tout le reste, c’est un état nouveau qu’on ne peut prévoir dans l’ancien.

Un amour de Swann - Marcel Proust

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The best reason to live is that there is no reason to live.
I walked to your apartment in the late night.
Flowers I didn’t plant began to be flowers
and I was a color and then I was none.
Conrad said, let the train take you anywhere.
I passed all the old stops. With you I liked being nowhere
and with you I live nowhere now.

The best reason to paint is that there is no reason to paint.
Keith Haring wrote that, it could be about us.
I go into churches and I go into bars:
I feel the time stop.
To feel — you can’t stop at some point.
Stop time. Time stops you.

No one will let you through if you don’t walk your own sadness.
No one will let you touch them if you’re a person at all.

And you. You, you, you
you can read these lines in any order
because I want to leave nothing out anymore
and there’s nothing here.
Words are just words. I got nowhere.
Some new thing — everything I need to feel
I feel twice and risk three of. Some new thing —
how there’s more here without us at all.

Alex Dimitrov, from “Some New Thing (via violentwavesofemotion)

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MICHICANT: greater-reality: Get out of bed, make a hot drink and go outside. You... ↘


Get out of bed, make a hot drink and go outside. You owe yourself that much. Maybe you still cry in far too many public bathrooms, but I swear, you stay a few seconds less every time. Smile at strangers if it’s all you can do, know that life doesn’t start when the sun rises…

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If I love you, is that a fact or a weapon?

— Margaret Atwood (via thenocturnals)

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The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

— Nikos Kazantzakis (via petrichour)

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To shift the structure of a sentence alters the meaning of that sentence, as definitely and inflexibly as the position of a camera alters the meaning of the object photographed. Many people know about camera angles now, but not so many know about sentences. The arrangement of the words matters, and the arrangement you want can be found in the picture in your mind. The picture dictates the arrangement. The picture dictates whether this will be a sentence with or without clauses, a sentence that ends hard or a dying-fall sentence, long or short, active or passive. The picture tells you how to arrange the words and the arrangement of the words tells you, or tells me, what’s going on in the picture.

— Joan Didion (via ibegantoseevoices)

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Life continues, and some mornings, weary of the noise, discouraged by the prospect of the interminable work to keep after, sickened also by the madness of the world that leaps at you from the newspaper, finally convinced that I will not be equal to it and that I will disappoint everyone—all I want to do is sit down and wait for evening. This is what I feel like, and sometimes I yield to it.

— Albert Camus (via heartpridetrust)

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I don’t like talking seriously. Because then there’s only one thing to talk about—the justification you can give for your life.

— Albert Camus, A Happy Death, trans. by Richard Howard (via alsochaotic)

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J’écoutais mon cœur. Je ne pouvais imaginer que ce bruit qui m’accompagnait depuis si longtemps pût jamais cesser.

Albert Camus (via the-crepehanger-club)

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